About Us

Gemstone Export is the leading supplier, manufacturer and exporter of various types of gemstones found in different parts of the world. It goes without saying that gemstones are of crucial significance to human beings since ancient times. They are associated with different values due to which they are considered to be highly precious. The demand for these stones is prevalent all over the world, and this company strives to meet the huge demands of customers across the way. In fact, the array of collection that we have helps customers to select from any option that they want. Therefore, you can also look forward to the same.

We specialize in offering metaphysical products that have scientific connections in terms of our body. In fact, science is of the view that these products help in bringing balance to the energy levels. As a result, you can expect to find a huge array of products like crystal quartz star, fancy jasper worry stones, crystal quartz chakra energy generator, sodalite angels, blood stone geometry set and many more to mention. Regardless the stone you want, we have it for you, and hence, you will end up getting complete satisfaction like never before.

We give complete flexibility and freedom to our customers to select from any genuine stones we offer. We strive to maintain the highest standards in the stones we use and the products we make from the same. We constantly update our collection so that every time our customers come to our site, they find something unique and different. You will feel glad to find unique stones in amazing patterns, shapes and colors. Moreover, we make special effort to give a great precision and finishing to the product with the use of cutting edge tools and machineries. The designs of these products are also exceptional. 

Gemstone Export is a rapidly growing company, and we have established a huge client base in the last few years. Apart from our customers in India, we also export our stones and products in different parts of the world. We have successfully won the hearts of millions of our customers in Europe, New Zealand, China, UK, Japan, Middle East, Australia and many more. Therefore, regardless the place to which you belong, it will not be difficult for you to get access to some of our latest products. Just select your product and place your order at www.gemstoneexport.in and you can expect to get it delivered to your door shortly.