Chakra & Reiki Product CATEGORIES

Chakra Set
Chakra Set (8)
Chakra-Reiki Keyring
Chakra-Reiki Keyring (1)
Chakra-Reiki Spheres
Chakra-Reiki Spheres (1)
Engraved Chakra Pendants
Engraved Chakra Pendants (1)
Natural Chakra Set
Natural Chakra Set (12)
Reiki Keyring
Reiki Keyring (4)
Reiki-Paggan Set
Reiki-Paggan Set (10)
Seven Chakra Bonded
Seven Chakra Bonded (1)

DECRIPTIONS OF Chakra & Reiki Product

Gemstone Export offers a wide range of chakra related items. We are wholesale supplier of chakra - reiki sets which are made as per the recent fashion trend. Visit our online store to place an order today